Travis Tomko is a former small College All American in Football and Wrestling, who has worked as the personal Bodyguard for the rock band Limp Bizkit’s front man, Fred Durst… While living in Hollywood he was ultimately first noticed and signed by World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002.

Where he went on to hold multiple Championship Titles with several Wrestling Organizations, Including WWE (USA Network) TNA Pro Wrestling (

Spike TV) New Japan Pro Wrestling (Asahi TV)

Over the course of these injuries, while still wrestling, he developed an addiction to prescription

pain medication – at times taking more than 40 pain pills a day! All the while losing friends and co-workers to overdoses but not able to stop! And knowing that his father was an alcoholic who died as a result of his disease when Travis was 12 years old.

Ultimately Travis found his bottom when he found his mother overdosed in her condo in Florida after being unable to reach her for 2 days. The sight of his mother (who was his biggest fan) lying dead in her bed incited a perfect storm! Because he was rehabbing from shoulder surgery and taking prescription medication, he was primed for a drug fueled spiral that would ultimately result in his one and only brush with law enforcement. He was arrested (but not charged) for allegedly robbing his pharmacist for his prescription refill, after spending 6 days in jail sobering up, he checked into rehab in South Florida and began what is now 3 year

s of sobriety!

In early sobriety Travis meet Rick Mervin and leaned on him for advice and mentoring, and they have been friends ever since. Because he credits R

ick with being instrumental in ultimately saving his life he is extremely loyal and anytime Rick calls on Travis to help with Intervention Ink, he is always available at a moment’s notice to hit the road and save a life!

Travis has used his chronic pain as a catapult to his new Career

In Physical Therapy/Strength and Conditioning where he helps people who have similar Addictive pasts treat their pain with wellness and activity that allows them freedom to enjoy life without Prescription Medication. His business is thriving and he is in the process of opening a new location in the winter of 2014.