At Intervention INK, we know that it is very important and vital to the success of our clients’ recovery that, when they leave their initial in-patient treatment program, they then go directly into a safe and structured sober living environment.

In Sober Living Housing, the typical length of stay is 90 days depending on the individual client and his/her level of recovery.

At Intervention INK, we manage our own Intensive Transitional Housing Program – Rusty’s House.

Rusty’s House is a private, intensive, highly structured sober living residence based in beautiful South Florida. There is an application and interview process and we only accept new clients that are coming out of a 30 day or more in-patient treatment center and are committed to 90 days in our Intensive Transitional Recovery Program. Rusty’s House is not for everyone. However, for those who are ready and willing to make significant changes and will do ANYTHING to stay clean and sober, this residential facility can change their life and their future.

We also work with all the top Sober Living Homes in Florida — men’s, women’s, coed, young adults, gay and lesbian, and Christian. We are always focused on finding the perfect Sober Home to fit each individual client. Whether it is Rusty’s House or another facility, our goal remains the same. The addict’s success is our success and we are motivated to guide the families and the addict in the right direction.

If you have any questions about our Intensive Transitional Housing Program please call 561 707 4288 or email Rick Marvin.