Rick Marvin
On July 7th 2005 I had 60 days clean.  I got that way as a result of an intervention on May 8th 2005 by my sons therapist at a local treatment center he was at for addiction. So as it turned out I checked into what would be my forth attempt at rehab at the very facility my son was at. I had been there before in January of 2000. I stayed clean for only 8 months that go around.

July 7th 2005 was also the day I found my son Rusty in our garage dead from a cocaine overdose. He relapsed after 89 days clean and it killed him. He was 18 years old.

I cannot describe to you the kind of pain that my wife Amy and daughter Hailey went through that day but I can tell you that what I was feeling was pure guilt and hatred towards myself for being a drug addict.  Our family was very close and my addiction to alcohol and cocaine was no secret.

As a former United States Marine and outlaw biker, surrendering and being beaten down was not my style or in my vocabulary. But this was different. Losing Rusty to my disease of addiction was unbearable and I did not know if I wanted to live any longer.

I can tell you this, what kept me from turning into a suicidal/homicidal maniac was my 16 year old daughter Hailey. After my wife and I tried CPR and reviving our son, Hailey was just waking up to all the commotion of cops and rescue workers. She walked outside to where my wife and I were sitting with our sons body and asked what happened. I told her that Rusty was gone and she grabbed our hands and said we had to pray over his body. That changed everything for me. I became a different man from that day forward.

I have been an alcoholic and drug addict for 25 years to that point. The last 15 years of that I was what I like to call a “functioning  cocaine junkie”.  Drugs and alcohol were the center of my life. God had blessed me with an Angel for a wife and two very special children but they were not enough to keep me clean. Rehabs, jails, and overdoses were not enough either.

The ultimate factor for me getting clean and sober was pain. I hit a bottom so hard the day my son died that no amount of drugs and alcohol could numb that kind of pain. So I had a choice, die, and hurt my family even more or get up and start helping other families fight the demon of addiction. So I chose to fight. And fight I did. Once I had surrendered to my addiction life became bearable and I just started working with other addicts and their families. By the grace of God my sobriety date is still May 8 2005.

Today Intervention INK is a passion for my wife and I. I have spent the last 4 years getting trained and certified and taking classes and preparing myself for the fight of addiction. I have performed over 150 interventions in the last three years and have helped hundreds of families get their loved ones into treatment. We cope with the loss of our son on a daily basis by helping other families so they do not have to suffer as my family did. I have designed our company to help families all the way through the recovery process.  I have some of the best recovering people in the business ready to help. Please go through our web site and get educated on interventions and all of our services and see how we can help your family. Or you can just pick up the phone and call me. I’d love to hear from you to see how we can help.

God Bless.