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More than just a sobriety date

On July 7th 2005 I had 60 days clean. I got that way as a result of an intervention on May 8th 2005 by my sons therapist at a local treatment center he was at for addiction. So as it turned out I checked into what would be my fourth attempt at rehab at the very facility my son was at. I had been there before in January of 2000. I stayed clean for only 8 months that go around.

July 7th 2005 was also the day I found my son Rusty in our garage dead from a cocaine overdose. He relapsed after 89 days clean and it killed him. He was 18 years old.

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Amy Marvin

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Amy Marvin lost her son Rusty to an accidental cocaine overdose on July 7, 2005. This traumatic and life-altering event had an effect on her and her husband Rick that most people don’t experience and never make it through.  They decided to do something immediately about the drug addiction epidemic in their community in memory of their son. Three months after they buried their son, they started a non-profit organization called Rusty’s House. Rusty’s House is a Teen and Young Adult Drug and Alcohol Support Facility that offered assistance to any family in need of helping their kids through the addiction process.

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Dave has been clean and sober and helping people since September 21, 2007… Well he has always been in the business of helping people and laying down his life for

others. Dave served 11 years in the Army from 1980 to 1991 in the Special Services Combat Engineers and is a combat veteran. When he got out he went right to being a cop so he could help protect and save as well fulfill his need for adrenalin and replenish his high octane personality. Dave is now a corrections officer with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department and has worked as a drill instructor in the youth camp for years. Dave has spent numerous hours trying to help young people get clean and sober and has a passion for life and spirituality.

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Travis Tomko

Travis Tomko is a former small College All American in Football and Wrestling, who has worked as the personal Bodyguard for the rock band Limp Bizkit’s front man, Fred Durst… While living in Hollywood he was ultimately first noticed and signed by World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002.

Where he went on to hold multiple Championship Tittles with several Wrestling Organizations, Including WWE (USA Network) TNA Pro Wrestling (Spike TV) New Japan Pro Wrestling (Asahi TV)

Over the course of these injuries, while still wrestling, he developed an addiction to prescription

pain medication -- at times taking more than 40 pain pills a day! All the while losing friends and co-workers to overdoses but not able to stop! And knowing that his father was an alcoholic who died as a result of his disease when Travis was 12 years old.

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