It is best to choose treatment before the Intervention.

It certainly can be overwhelming for a family member to surf the Internet looking for treatment for their loved one. Especially when the family does not know what to look for. Evaluating exactly what form of treatment your teen, young adult, spouse or loved one will respond to is of utmost importance in gaining long-term sobriety from alcohol or drugs.  At Intervention INK, we not only have an on-going personal relationship with some of the top treatment facilities in the country, we also have access to several databases which allow us to refer to thousands of treatment centers and after-care sober living environments nationwide.

Determining exactly what form of treatment is best for the individual who suffers from addiction is of primary importance if treatment is to be successful. In other words, if the individual isn’t receptive to a particular “brand” of counseling, then he/she certainly will not respond to it. It is important that this statement is emphasized and then re-emphasized for maximum impact and understanding. Because of this, we work closely with the families to select the best, most effective form of treatment and it is all determined on a case-by-case basis. No two families are alike and each have their own dynamics that must be taken into consideration.