Drugs or alcohol is not the problem

It is important to understand the actions and reactions of an addict in order to predict the behavior in the future. It is also important to fully grasp the nature of addiction and the role of the interventionist. Many people mistakenly believe that it is the drug or alcohol abuse that is the problem. Family members of an addict sometimes end up focusing all their energies on the usage, instead of on the underlying issues that ultimately cause the alcohol or drug abuse. In almost every case of actual addiction, it is not the actual substance that is the primary problem, although understandably does cause problems. The hard truth is that the alcohol or drug use is but one of many symptoms of an underlying problem. That is what effective treatment and recovery is about — learning what the underlying causes and conditions are and then treating the problem. You may ask yourself, “What is this underlying problem?” Our job as addiction interventionist is to help you understand the answer to that question. By doing so, addiction won’t be mystery any longer and solutions can be found.
An intervention with Intervention INK will educate and empower the family on the following topics of addiction:
  • Why do alcoholics and addicts behave the way they do?
  • How to understanding drug & alcohol addiction.
  • Learning to predict the behaviors of an alcoholic or addict disease model & the three (3) basic types of alcohol or drug users.
  • How to understand and watch for the basic nature of manipulation.
  • Understanding reactions or manipulations of an addict during an alcohol or drug intervention.
  • How an addiction progresses and why it can accelerate.
  • How a family can inadvertently make an addiction worse.