How much does a professional intervention cost?

If you are now realizing you need some outside help to turn the life of someone you love into a positive direction, you have probably begun researching various intervention services. Most prices for professional drug and alcohol interventions can range anywhere from $5,000-$10,000, on average. With that being said, you are also probably wondering what exactly you receive with these costs.

First, here is some history on Intervention INK. We were founded in 2007 by Rick and Amy Marvin, who realized a calling after losing their son Rusty to a cocaine overdose at the age of 18 in July of 2005. Rick and Amy have dedicated their lives to helping families who have fallen into an addiction crises. They understand that with the financial strain associated with a loved one addicted to alcohol or drugs, family financial difficulties can make recovery difficult. Due to this, we make sure that we deliver the most comprehensive service for the most cost-effective price. Although there can never be a price tag on the life of a loved one, we do not take advantage of an already stressed out family situation by inflating our costs.

Our professional interventions are a minimum of 2 days (Family Consultation Day and the Intervention Day) and do not end until either your loved one agrees to treatment or you say that the intervention is over. Most of our interventions average 2 days, however sometimes we may be with the family for additional days if necessary. We also plan the after care for your loved one that includes a half-way house, as well as a sober living environment along with long-term treatment plans. Rather than price an intervention with individual service pricing, we offer a turn-key pricing structure with a flat fee of $3500 for a standard intervention and for Extreme Intervention prices are based on risk. However, sometimes it’s difficult to budget the expense of a professional intervention. Therefore, we offer interventions on a sliding scale for those who qualify. The only additional fees would include the cost of airfare, depending on your location and a hotel fee if necessary. Keep in mind that we are considerate of costs and always do our best to obtain the least expensive direct non-stop flight that fits your schedule. And, if you would like us to escort your loved one directly to treatment rather than taking him/her yourself – which we strongly recommend – we do charge an additional $400 plus airfare.

We require a non-refundable deposit of $1000.00 to guarantee services and we accept certified checks, money orders, and most credit cards through PayPal.