Christian intervention helps your loved one become responsible and accountable for their addiction and accepting of help from the family in the form of inpatient treatment. Your loved one is then willingly escorted to a treatment center based on specific needs where they can get their lives back and re-establish any lost faith.

Our interventionist’s who perform Christian interventions understand how important it is to have a higher power and practice their faith on a regular basis to help maintain long term sobriety. It is important for us to work with your family during the consultation of a Christian intervention to see how involved in faith the substance abuser actually is, what the appropriate style of intervention would be and discuss the treatment center options that would work best for you and your loved one.

Our job with Christian intervention is to work together to help determine what the best course of action is. Your loved one is most likely not going to think rationally like the family, therefore the family along with the help of the Christian intervention team is going to have to make the decisions for your loved one so we can bring them to the appropriate level of care. Anybody doing the next right thing with a strong faith probably would not be in the position your loved one is. The important thing is for the family to do the intervention and try not to wait for the situation to correct itself without outside help. God gives people answers all the time, only it can be difficult for a family of a substance abuser to see because of the fog and haze the addiction has put in front of them. Please call Intervention INK to see how we can help.

Christian Alcohol Intervention

A Christian Alcohol Intervention process is designed to help you sift through all of the confusion, sort out the mess, and provide you with real answers and real solutions on how to handle yourselves, your loved one, and the alcoholism. A Christian intervention is not designed to change the alcoholic or substance abusers faith, they are about bringing the family together and delivering your loved one to a place where they can slowly get on their feet and get their faith back on their own terms. Christian alcohol intervention with long term care will give any family and the alcoholic the best possible chance of getting their lives back. I believe Christian intervention is put in a families lives for a reason, however for most families their loved one has them convinced that they can fix the addiction themselves if they are just given enough time. Families need to trust their faith and the gifts sent their way instead of believing that one day the substance abuser or alcoholic will just stop. A Christian Alcohol Intervention counselor can help you in the right direction.

Christian Drug Intervention

Most everybody has heard the story about the man sitting on his roof during a major flood. While the man is on top of his house with the flood waters rising a boat comes by and says “Get in the boat or you will drown”. The man replies “No, that’s OK, God is coming to save me” and the boat speeds off. Flood waters still rising, a helicopter comes by with a rope hanging and says “Grab on, we can help you” and the man replies “No that’s OK, God is coming to save me” and the helicopter flies away. Soon after the flood waters rise, the man is taken under and drowns. When he arrives in heaven he asks God “Why did you let this happen? Why did you not save me”. God replies “I tried, I sent you a boat and a helicopter and you did not take it. The biggest problem we face is families waiting for the addiction to heal itself instead of calling upon a Christian drug intervention. Waiting for that rock bottom could end up being a jail, a mental institution or even worse death. Waiting for your loved one to just stop because they said they would is them selling you hope and selling themselves complacency. The substance abuser is not in a position to be calling the shots and neither is the family who is worn down emotionally by the addict or alcoholic. The substance abuser will do anything they can to prolong the addiction and avoid getting the help they truly need. In any other potentially fatal crisis families would confront and try and repair the problem, however with addiction most families are left frozen clinging to promises made by the substance abuser that they will just stop. The best thing a family can do is, turn the problem over to a professional Christian drug intervention counselor who is experienced in handling these situations.