Teen, Young Adult, Spouse or Loved One Interventions

At Intervention INK, we offer HOPE — something that many families have gone so long without while dealing with their teen, young adult, spouse or loved one. Unfortunately, addiction is a family disease. Our goal is to educate and assist the family in understanding the addiction, the treatment and the recovery process. Our focus is long-term recovery while helping the family rebuild themselves. Intervention INK works with some of the top treatment centers in the country, as well as some of the best recovery homes and sober living half-way houses around the country. With our own recovery experience, our structured techniques, education, drug intervention coordination and family counseling, our addiction interventionist will help you bring your loved one to a treatment center. And more importantly, keep them there.

Do you know someone who needs Intervention because they do not want to quit?

We all hope that one day the alcoholic or addict will “wake up” and realize the damage they are causing to themselves and those around them. However, this rarely happens. More likely, the begging, pleading, and threats of friends and family will have no effect on the addiction. Many times families feel that there isn’t anything they can do to help the situation. This is when frustration and hopelessness can become overpowering. It is important to know that there is help even for the ones who insist they do not have a problem. Intervention INK has worked with many families is this very situation and have had favorable results.

Intervention can help save their life!

The bottom line is that a professional intervention can save the life of your loved one. Without some form of an intervention, most addicts are doomed to continue down the destructive path they have chosen. There are few cases, however, where the heartfelt pleas of the family have been enough for the addict to realize that he/she needs to change. But, for the most part, professional guidance is necessary.

At Intervention INK, we believe the first step to recovery is the family. With this, we believe in educating the family on the addiction and the ways of the addict. We believe in teaching the family how to not enable the addict, even when it is out of love. We work with the family to set boundaries and consequences to help guide the addict to a treatment center and ultimately a sober future.

We have worked hard to create a comprehensive website with information to help families who are dealing with a loved one who has been overtaken by addiction. By reviewing our site, we hope you will have a clear understanding of who we are, why we do what we do and how we can help you get your loved one into the recovery process. We encourage you to take the time to read through our material. Then, please call the number above to speak directly with an addiction intervention specialist. Or, if you’d rather, you may enter your information below to have one of our specialists contact you. All phones calls are confidential and we respect the privacy of everyone involved.